Roof leaks should be repaired within the shortest time possible before they start to cause you major trouble. If you have stayed in one house for quite some time, experiencing a leaking roof won’t be new to you. The roof may leak due to damage of the roofing materials by natural factors for example ice and strong wind. There are also physical factors that can damage your roofing material, for example when a tree falls on the roof. The roofing materials may also be very old and may wear out. When you experience a leaking roof, there are several reasons why you should repair it very fast.
The first reason why it is important to repair a leaking roof is to improve the comfort in your house. A leaking roof will allow cold, water and wind to get into the house creating a very uncomfortable environment. If you repair roof leak on time, you will ensure that the overall condition of the roof is well maintained. If the repair is not done on time, it may deteriorate to a point where you will need to re-install the whole roof. The cost of repairing a leaking roof is smaller when the leak is smaller in size. However, if the damaged part of the roof is allowed to stand it will deteriorate which will mean that you will spend much more money to fix it.
Leaking roofs are not energy efficient and this is another reason why they should be repaired fast. During the cold season, you will required to use more heat to keep it warm than when the house is well insulated. The water flowing from a leaking roof will damage the entire roof of the house. If the leaking roof is allowed to continue for some years, the water getting into the house will get to the wooden part of the roof which eventually begins to rot. If this is allowed to continue for some years, the roof may become too weak to a point where it can no longer support itself and therefore it curves into the house.
The water dripping from a leaking roof will fall on the ceiling and when this continues for some time, the ceiling will curve or sag. The part of the ceiling affected by water will be discolored and it will not be long before the ceiling begins to fall down. More dripping water from the leaking roof will find its way into the walls and may cause severe damages. The damage will begin when the wall paint starts peeling off and then more water will get into the wall making it weak.
More damage will also happen to the floors if you do not repair roof leak fast enough. Your carpets and furniture will get dump and eventually bacteria and mold will begin growing on them. If this water continues flowing, it will not be long before they get to the foundation of the building. The more the water that gets to the base of your building the weaker it becomes.
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