Purchasing a home for your family is one of the most important investments you can ever make in your entire life. Over time your home might start getting damaged if not well maintained and late repairs are quite costly. The roof is an important part of your dwelling which is prone to damages easily, so keeping it in a great state will be very beneficial to you in the future. A well maintained roof means that you can save on air conditioning & heating costs. Early Roofing repair can save you a lot of money in the long run. So here are some few signs your home needs roofing repair.
You do not have to necessarily see the leaks in the home to know that your roof is leaking. Water leakage should never be ignored as it can result in harmful mold growth. A leak can cause your ceiling to be discolored and even bulge out. So if you note this irregularity then your roof is probably leaking.
Small leaks tend to leave a mark on your roofs underside, so you should check on the inside of your attic. Check any sign of wood discoloration, dry rot or mold on the roofs under side. If you note any of this signs then roofing repair is necessary.
A leak might not always be noted on the roof, but may appear on nearby wall. So if you see any peeling paint or even a stain developing on the wall near the roof in your dwellings, then you need to some roofing repair – as water tends to discolor your wall from the top.
Missing shingles
Many individuals rarely climb up their roofs and check if it is in good condition. If you can not climb the roof, try to stand far away from your home and check the roof’s shingles a few times annually. Take some few minutes and look for any missing shingles, which can cause some serious roofing problems and should be fixed right away. Another sign to look for is signs or dirty or dark looking regions on the roof. Dark spots on your roof means that algae or/and fungus are growing on your roof. Fungus/algae grow because your shingles have aged.
Damaged roofs tend to cause insufficient air ventilation in your attic. This will overwork your heating and cooling system, resulting in an increase in energy costs. So if you note any of these signs, you should repair your roof as soon as possible before it becomes too serious. If you have any questions about your roof and think you may need it repaired, call us today! (414) 765-2890